Eega (w/ Venk Potula)

The Bollywood bros (Aniket and Pranav Mutatkar) and our guest (Venk Potula) watch Eega (w/ Venk Potula).

It's directed by Rajamoulli and it's about a f**king fly.

Basically, the movie slaps.

Our favorite parts:

(07:08) Is Eega the simpiest movie ever?

(09:46) Most Tollywood scene

(16:28) Brahmanandam award for best comedic actor

(23:26) Rajamoulli swap -- which character would you swap out of this movie to put in NTR, Ram Charan, or Ajay Devgan?

(29:08) I could be wrong -- Aniket says trivia and you get to decide if he's wrong

(36:59) Venk does a bunch of Top 3s

(45:06) Final thoughts

Venk's Telegu recs:

Ashta Chamma

Middle Class Abbayi (more of Venk's mom's rec)

Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha (also Venk's mom's rec)

Super Deluxe

A Aa (Venk's dad loves it)



Bāhubali: The Beginning

Venk's movie, Four Samosas is on AMC+ or you can rent it on video on demand, on amazon prime, Vudu, and Youtube.

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